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When our withered bodies return to the earth, remember us for our commercially successful websites and apps

Feral is a web development studio. We bring insight, expertise, talent, and the resourcefulness of a shipwrecked pirate to every project we take on.

Feral is purpose-built to complement existing creative and technical teams at ad agencies, startups, and companies large and small. Whether it be overflow work, internal tools, prototype apps, or projects that are outside your focus area, clients around the world rely on us to get the job done when their teams are overworked or out of their element.

With our technical and creative backgrounds, we blend seamlessly with your teams. Due to a shared brain defect from birth, we can think just like you, and we can make sure that thinking is reflected in every aspect of a project. Our lack of any sort of operational dogmas, combined with our unique ability to create them on the fly when necessary, makes us able to work in varying team environments, or on our own with minimal oversight.

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Here’s what people are saying about our work

“As good as Sterling and Timmy are at building websites and apps, in hindsight, inviting them to a family dinner was a mistake.”

For more about us, our history, and how Feral came to be, visit our About page. For a more thorough explanation of our services, work, and approach, check out our Process Page. Our blog is where you'll find our find our thinking on a variety of subjects. For new business inquiries, email me at sterling@weareferal.com. Please send questions, complements, media requests, as well as insults and death threats, to hello@weareferal.com

Most importantly, have fun! We’re happy you’re here.

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