What makes the unknown so provoca­tive? Why has human­i­ty always pressed fur­ther on in pur­suit of dis­cov­ery? What does the aver­age per­son think of the col­or pur­ple? These are just some of ques­tions we tack­led in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Riffyn’s lead­er­ship to reimag­ine the brand for 2020

Riffyn branding microsite image
To celebrate the launch of the brand, we created a microsite highlighting the beginning of a new era for Riffyn
Riffyn branding logo image
With a fresh typeface and a modernization of the brand's original logo, we created the new Riffyn logomark.
Riffyn branding rendering image
Working with visual effects artist, Bryan Coleman, we created the Riffyn Orb, a visual representation of Riffyn's commitment to science, discovery, and the beauty of the great unknown.

As part of the project, we cre­at­ed an entire suite of visu­al assets for Riffyn’s mar­ket­ing and sales team to use, includ­ing col­or schemes, images, icons, pre­sen­ta­tion tem­plates, pat­terns and more. All of the work is con­tained with­in the Riffyn Brand Book, a liv­ing doc­u­ment that pro­vides back­ground, rec­om­men­da­tions, and usage guide­lines for work­ing with the brand assets. 

Riffyn branding typography image
An excerpt from the Brand Book. This section focuses on the new Riffyn typeface, Abitare Sans.
Riffyn brand images Riffyn branding slide7 image
An icon set designed by the talented Mark O'Neil

Our work extend­ed to rebrand­ing Riffyn’s core prod­uct, the Riffyn Nexus app, the world’s first data pro­cess­ing system. 

Riffyn branding app image
Branding for Riffyn Nexus

To sup­port the mar­ket­ing, sales, and lead­er­ship teams at Riffyn, we designed a frame­work of col­or, pat­terns, and images that can be arranged in var­i­ous con­fig­u­ra­tions to cre­ate pre­sen­ta­tion tem­plates, social media back­grounds, and oth­er cre­ative assets on the fly. This allows the Riffyn team to work quick­ly and inde­pen­dent­ly to pro­duce con­tent for their clients with­out need­ing exces­sive cre­ative support. 

Riffyn branding visual system image
Feral devised a pattern set that, when combined with other assets, can be made into interesting and consistent backdrops for content.

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