Con­sul­tants Noelle Myolenko and Char­lie Green have been work­ing with com­pa­nies like Google and Harley David­son to build trust for over twen­ty years. Char­lie lit­er­al­ly wrote the book on trust. When they approached us to build a new site for them, our nor­mal­ly dis­trust­ful and sus­pi­cious per­son­al­i­ties were imme­di­ate­ly dis­armed. These peo­ple are great!” Tim­my said to me after a call. I know, right?” I replied. Our good feel­ings weren’t wrong. Noelle and Char­lie have tru­ly been a breeze to work with. 

Trusted Advisor portrait image
Charlie and Noelle, shot by photographer Matt Corona-Goldstein

As accom­plished and respect­ed as Noelle and Char­lie were in the field, their exist­ing web­site and some of their mes­sag­ing was a lit­tle bit, how do I say, cor­po­rate? We approached the project by con­sid­er­ing how we could build trust into an online expe­ri­ence. With a sim­ple can­vas of rich and emo­tive maroons against a cream back­ground, we aimed to make every­thing on the page com­fort­able and personal. 

Trusted Advisor homepage screenshot image
Clear, weighty serif type drives much of the site.

As with many of our projects, we cre­at­ed a cus­tom set of icons and oth­er art­work to help add more famil­iar­i­ty and ease to the site. We also cre­at­ed a hand­ful of cus­tom ani­ma­tions to illus­trate key con­cepts, like Trust­ed Advi­sor’s blend­ing of equal parts emo­tion and logic. 

Trusted Advisor website slide6 image
Trusted Advisor trusing building screenshot image
Trustedadvisor homepage images Trusted Advisor website slide4 image

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