Vokyl is a gam­ing head­phone com­pa­ny found­ed by JDS Labs alums, Nick Amizich, Jude Hop­per, and…me. After two years of devel­op­ment and count­less iter­a­tions, we devel­oped our first prod­uct, the Erupt. In 2018, we began an Indiegogo cam­paign to help pay for pro­duc­tion. A month and near­ly near­ly 300K in sales lat­er, the Erupt made a huge step towards becom­ing a reality. 

Vokyl photography gaming headphone
Vokyl photography gaming headphone laydown

Pri­or to pro­duc­tion, Fer­al han­dled the prod­uct design, brand­ing, and mar­ket­ing. To gen­er­ate excite­ment, we devel­oped a site com­bin­ing an inter­ac­tive 3D mod­el of the prod­uct and some inter­est­ing audio and visu­al effects. Whether it did any good is a total guess. 

Vokyl landing 4 image

As Vokyl found its foot­ing, Fer­al designed and devel­oped a sin­gle-page Shopi­fy site to sell the Erupt. Land­ing pages like these are great options for com­pa­nies with a sin­gle prod­uct to sell who also under­stand the impor­tance of bespoke design. Inte­grat­ing a ful­ly-cus­tom front-end with Shopi­fy only takes a few days, mean­ing all the time and bud­get can be invest­ed into the design and creative. 

Vokyl index 2 image
Vokyl phone 1 image
As with all our sites, Vokyl was completely optimized for mobile

Did I tell you we also devel­oped a logo sting to cap pro­mo­tion­al videos? How cool is that!

Vokyl logo sting 5 image
If you would like to see this sting, along with some others we've done over the years, check out https://vimeo.com/331151583

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