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designer and blowhard


web developer and degenerate

Together, we are

Passionate about making a real difference in the world, we dedicate our lives to the noblest of pursuits:
building nice websites.

How it all started

Drunk Guy

Timmy began his web career bringing the ideas of local drunks to life while working as a bartender in Dublin.

I began mine riding my bike around Portland, meeting with local hair salons and laundrymats, trying to sell “carbon neutral” websites after I had sold my car to pay rent.


Timmy and I started working together after being introduced through a mutual friend, Yuji.

It was at about this time that I shut down my studio in Portland and moved into my dad’s doublewide in rural Oregon.


Feral was now completely remote.

Exposition explaining, in an aspirational way, what we do.

We can concept and build most anything you want on the web. Our small studio is designed to work with creative teams and agencies to augment their capabilities when needed.

We find ways to make your ideas real, even when those ideas are ambiguous, complicated, and open-ended. We can work successfully with minimal oversight, being that we are both technically and creatively proficient.

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For a time, Timmy and I worked on small ecommerce sites together, but it wasn’t long before we began collaborating on bigger, more complex projects with myriad requirements.

Those fires forged a relationship built on mutual trust, admiration, and respect.

Tim Sheridan
Connected Insight

Real client testimonials

“Working with Timmy and Sterling has been great. I spend so much time online Facetiming with Sterling my kids call him my internet boyfriend.”

In 2017, Timmy and I decided to expand the studio beyond just us.

We brought on a new developer. He’s not yet sure he’s comfortable being associated with us, at least by name.

We’ve attached a police sketch instead.

We continue to collaborate with some of the best creatives in the business.

They’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands so we don’t have to.

Nathan. American hero or pit viper?

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