just like your bike, every website should be different

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Do you remem­ber the moment when you tru­ly bond­ed with your motor­cy­cle? When it became less a thing that you own and more an exten­sion of who you are? There was a fusion, an alche­my. Two became became one. It was man (per­son?), machine, and the great beyond. Noth­ing else.

Now, what about your web­site? Does it match your com­pa­ny like that bike match­es you? Or is it just a thing, serv­ing some pur­pose, rep­re­sent­ing your brand, but not real­ly. Doing its job with­out a soul. 

We are Fer­al. We’re a mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary team of dig­i­tal design­er and devel­op­ers. We make web­sites, apps, and tools that have a life to them. We do it by deeply under­stand­ing the spir­it of your brand. The com­mit­ment to crafts­man­ship. The engi­neer­ing. The kick­assery. What­ev­er your mag­ic is, we tap into it, har­ness it, and trans­late it into a dig­i­tal expe­ri­ence for your customers. 

At a time when every web­site looks the same, we design expe­ri­ences that actu­al­ly stand out. That grab you and make you say, Damn, that’s it!” And we do it with the tech­ni­cal skill and pre­ci­sion of a MotoGP bike. So if you want to give your brand that extra some­thing, that har­mo­nious blend of form and func­tion, get in touch. 

Until then, we’ll see you on the open road. 

Real projects from real clients

JDS Labs

Website, ecommerce, branding, product design, etc. for the boutique audio manufacturer

Riffyn Website

Discover the wonder and awe of science

Vokyl Website and Branding

Ecommerce development, branding, and WebGL animation for the gaming headphone brand

Real feelings from fake clients

One thing I love about Timmy and Sterling is the things they notice that others don’t, like how our CEO is wrong about literally everything.

Donna Voss

Eslinger Analytics

When Sterling spat out his first sip of a new drink we were releasing, asking indignantly “What loser would ever drink this s***?” it was a real wake up call for our company.

Leandro Martin

Om Kombucha

In many ways, my professional life has been defined by missed opportunites and regret. I count hiring Feral to be one of the few decisions I haven’t come to hate.

Chandler Reed

Avalon Pharmaceutical

Thought leadership

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