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We've launched two Craft CMS plugins
By the grace of god, we have launched two sites successfully in two days

Who We Are

Feral is a remote creative studio specializing in whatever you want to pay us for. While our bread and butter remains digital projects of all sizes, we regulary embark on different adventures (and misadventures) involving creative direction, branding, and product design.

Feral is expanding our investor program

We get it. Success like ours can be intoxicating. But not everyone has the cash or jewelry on hand to secure a serious stake in one of the web’s hottest creative companies.

You spoke and we listened. Feral, in partnership with Best Price Auto Sales, is proud to be expanding our investor program. Now you can turn your used car, motorcycle, power boat, or class-A motor home into an unforgettable growth opportunity. Contact for more information and vehicle restrictions.

Our Plugins

We are active members of the Craft CMS community. If you are interested in one our plugins on the Craft Store, you can learn more about them below:

  • Remote Backup

    Create offsite remote backpacks from Control Panel

  • Remote Sync

    Sync your database and volume assets across platforms

  • Matrix Fields

    Provide users a visual preview of a component

We’ll get you where you need to be

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