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Stylin' with Thiago

Join crack front-end developer Thiago as he walks you through how to do something very complicated

Stylin' with Thiago
A Journey into Animated Loaders with GSAP - Part 2
Stylin' with Thiago
A Journey into Animated Loaders with GSAP - Part 1
Stylin' with Thiago
Creating an infinite gallery with vanilla JS

Who We Are

Feral is a remote creative studio specializing in whatever you want to pay us for. While our bread and butter remains digital projects of all sizes, we regulary embark on different adventures (and misadventures) involving creative direction, branding, and product design.

Feral is so much more than just design & dev

Feral isn’t just another two-dimensional creative studio. Did you know we also repair a number of popular handheld mobile devices, including iphones, tablets, and e-readers?

That’s not all you can do with us. Did you also know we offer an attractive selection of prepaid calling cards and gift cards? Or that we are the exclusive online distributor of CloudChasers personal vaping products? And starting next year, you will be eligible to receive up to $500 for bills and emergency expenses using our Feral2U virtual cash advance program.

Isn’t it time you asked more of your creative vendors? Discover all that you can do with Feral today. Operators are standing by.

Our Plugins

We are active members of the Craft CMS community. If you are interested in one our plugins on the Craft Store, you can learn more about them below:

  • Remote Backup

    Create offsite remote backpacks from Control Panel

  • Remote Sync

    Sync your database and volume assets across platforms

  • Matrix Fields

    Provide users a visual preview of a component

We’ll get you where you need to be

How is a different story

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