One of the best things about Craft CMS is that it real­ly nails the core devel­op­ment & pub­lish­ing expe­ri­ence, mak­ing it real­ly easy to cre­ate sol­id web­sites and pub­lish great content.

What’s bet­ter is that it then gets out of the way and lets you turn to their rich plu­g­in ecosys­tem to fill in the blanks. The store has 100s of great plu­g­ins that let you han­dle all sorts of inter­gra­tions and functionality. 

As pro­po­nants of the Craft way” we want­ed to get involved and start throw­ing our strong­ly held opin­ions out in the form of plu­g­ins (not to men­tion prof­it­ing enour­mous­ly in the process).

With that in mind, we’ve launched two new plu­g­ins to the plu­g­in store. Please try them out and see what you think, either via email or Github. 

Remote Sync

Remote Sync is a plu­g­in that helps devel­op­ers sync their data­base and assets between mul­ti­ple envi­ron­ments. Nor­mal­ly this process may cause you to tear your hair out as you SSH and SCP files between servers. With Remote Sync you can quick­ly and eas­i­ly cre­ate, pull and push back­ups between local, stag­ing and pro­duc­tion envi­ron­ments from the com­fort of the Craft Con­trol Panel.

Remote Back­up

Sim­i­lar to Remote Sync, our back­up plu­g­in lets you take peri­od­ic back­ups of both your Craft data­base as well as your asset files. You can use cron scripts as well as the plug­in’s prun­ing set­ting to take dai­ly, week­ly and month­ly back­ups so that you always have some­thing to fall back on in case of an issue.

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