When it goes to putting your site live, Craft has two licens­ing options, Solo and Pro:

Pro License

This is what we usu­al­ly rec­om­mend to clients. It’s not free but it has two impor­tant fea­tures that you’ll want if you’re larg­er than a team of one.

  • Mul­ti­ple user accounts: If you’ve got mul­ti­ple peo­ple you want to allow access to the site to pub­lish con­tent then this is essential.
  • Enhanced Con­tent Pre­view­ing: this is a pret­ty cool fea­ture that lets you pre­view your con­tent side-by-side as you write it. If you’re writ­ing a lof of con­tent, this is a must-have fea­ture for publishing. 
The side-be-side edi­tor in action

A less com­mon fea­ture that requires a Pro license is

  • GraphQL API: this allows you to hook up mul­ti­ple ser­vices to your con­tent. For exam­ple, you might have a mobile app or web appli­ca­tion that you want to pull your con­tent into. This is an advanced fea­ture that won’t affect most peo­ple.

Solo License

If you don’t need the above fea­tures, then the Solo license might be enough for you. You won’t get the enhanced pub­lish­ing expe­ri­ence, and you’ll have to make do with a sin­gle user/​password, but you’ll get all of the ben­e­fits of the core Craft experience. 

If you want to go the Solo route, then you don’t need to do any­thing else. We’ll take care of it.