If you require more than a sin­gle user, you’ll need to upgrade from the free, solo” tier to the pro” tier. 

You can see the pric­ing infor­ma­tion here:


The process for pur­chas­ing a license is as follows.

Cre­ate a Craft account

The first step is to set up a Craft account (called a Craft ID”). You can do this here:


Bear in mind that we may have already done this on your behalf. If so, we’ll pro­vide you with the details.

Add your desired user­name, email and password:

You should get a ver­i­fi­ca­tion email mes­sage. Fol­low the link and your account should be set up:

Login to Craft via Con­trol Panel

Next step is to head over to the con­trol pan­el for your new site. We’ll give you the address as well as the username/​password, but it should look some­thing like https://​yournewsite​.com/​admin

On the left-hand side menu you should see a Plu­g­in Store” but­ton. (If you don’t see this, please get in touch with us — there’s a set­ting that we need to enable behind-the-scenes):

Now sign into your Craft ID from here using the details from the first step:

Click Approve”

Pur­chase the license

You should be brought back to the plu­g­in page again. Now, click Upgrade Craft CMS” and then Buy Now” for the pro­fes­sion­al license:

And com­plete the pur­chase through the embed­ded cart. Once done, your new license should be asso­ci­at­ed with your account.

Send us the license

If we set up your craft ID for you then there’s noth­ing more that needs to be done — we can login and grab the license file ourselves. 

If not, we need you to send us your new license. To do this, go back to the Craft ID webpage:


You should see your new license here:

Click it, then click the down­load” but­ton to down­load the license key to your machine:

Once you’ve down­loaded it, please send it to us at hello@​weareferal.​com or via Slack