Wow. As 2020 con­tin­ues to ram­page through the lives of ordi­nary peo­ple all over the world, we are thrilled to report on our best year ever here at Fer­al Stu­dio. With only two non-life-threat­en­ing hos­pi­tal stays between our team and no struc­tur­al fire dam­age to any of our cher­ished vaca­tion homes, we have tru­ly beat­en the odds.

Through­out the lock­down, our busi­ness remained 100% oper­a­tional as we all retreat­ed to our respec­tive con­crete blast bunkers. Sales dou­bled and rev­enue is up across the board, both in our tra­di­tion­al web ser­vices cat­e­go­ry, as well as our bur­geon­ing direct-to-con­sumer PPE import/​export business.

We under­stand that for many 2020 has been syn­ony­mous with alarm­ing civ­il unrest, total eco­nom­ic ruin and, of course, mass ill­ness and death. In response, we encour­age every­one to look on the bright side! We have yet to be incin­er­at­ed in a nuclear blast, scorched by a mas­sive world-end­ing solar flare, or enslaved by an alien race seek­ing our vast sup­plies of liq­uid water. There is still much to cel­e­brate, includ­ing some of the news includ­ed below. 

Fer­al Expands into Europe

As a result of Tim­my exceed­ing the deposit lim­its of his poor­ly sprung queen mat­tress, we have made the strate­gic deci­sion to for­mal­ly expand into Europe.

Our expan­sion will offi­cial­ly estab­lish a legal Euro­pean head­quar­ters in Scot­land, as well as give our Euro­pean clients the flex­i­bil­i­ty to pay us direct­ly in heir­loom gold coins and oth­er valu­able antiq­ui­ties cur­rent­ly not avail­able as pay­ment in the US.

Feral feireil image
Making use of a long abandoned church popular with local transients, Feireil welcomes all to join in a new vision for the future.

Sup­port Agree­ments Are Required Begin­ning in 2021

All cur­rent clients will need to have a sup­port agree­ment or retain­er in place with us for ongo­ing work, begin­ning Jan­u­ary 1st. At the min­i­mum, these sup­port agree­ments will include the effort nec­es­sary to keep your site run­ning smooth­ly, includ­ing peri­od­ic updates, on an annu­al basis.

We are requir­ing these agree­ments to pre­vent sur­pris­es when han­dling, for exam­ple, a small change request, only to find out that four hours worth of site updates are required before we can do any­thing. These agree­ments also firm up guide­lines and expec­ta­tions around mak­ing changes, bug fix­es, and the like. 

6 New Sites Launched This Year

Fer­al enjoyed the dis­tinct hon­or of launch­ing six web­sites this year. All of these sites launched suc­cess­ful­ly and, to our knowl­edge, are liv­ing pro­duc­tive lives in their respec­tive cor­ners of the inter­net. If you would like to see some of our work this year that wasn’t the web­site we built for you, take a look below.

Our 2020 Sales Dri­ve is Offi­cial­ly Underway

You may recall the stun­ning suc­cess of our 2019 sales dri­ve. Our 2020 effort looks to blow the doors right off the hinges of the pre­vi­ous year. With top-tier prospects like Stor­age Bin Enter­pris­es of Tul­sa and USA Chem­i­cal Sup­pli­ers direct­ly in our sights, we look for­ward to intro­duc­ing sev­er­al new respect­ed names to our already illus­tri­ous ros­ter of clients and partners. 

If you or any­one you know has a lead that may be of inter­est to us, we have a stack of gift cards to elite din­ing estab­lish­ments like The Cheese­cake Fac­to­ry and Out­back Steak­house wait­ing for you. Let’s make this work.

Receive a free draw­ing of your face in exchange for a testimonial

We are cur­rent­ly design­ing a new area on our site just for client tes­ti­mo­ni­als. We want a place to cel­e­brate the sup­port over the years, and to also remind oth­ers just how attrac­tive and desir­able our clien­tele tru­ly is.

Sub­mit a tes­ti­mo­ni­al and we’ll return the favor by pro­vid­ing you with a fine-art draw­ing of your like­ness. For an addi­tion­al charge, we can have this draw­ing embla­zoned on a rich satin tapes­try wrapped in a sparkling 24K dia­mond and gold frame, per­fect for any room of the house. 

Here are just a few samples:

Feral testimonial portrait examples image
Some of our most cherished clients

For inspi­ra­tion, here are a few tes­ti­mo­ni­als we have espe­cial­ly enjoyed. Be creative!

  • As good as Ster­ling and Tim­my are at build­ing web­sites and apps, in hind­sight, invit­ing them to a fam­i­ly din­ner was a mistake.”
  • Although our busi­ness has since fold­ed, it would be unfair to pin the blame on Ster­ling or Timmy.”
  • Work­ing with Tim­my and Ster­ling has been great. I spend so much time online Face­tim­ing with Ster­ling my kids call him my inter­net boyfriend.”

A momen­tary lapse of sincerity

2020 has been a shit year. With so many peo­ple down and out, it’s times like these where we espe­cial­ly appre­ci­ate the client part­ner­ships that have kept our spir­its up and our lights on. We don’t take that sup­port light­ly. We eager­ly await your next extreme­ly urgent bug fix or last minute fea­ture request with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts. We real­ly are in this together.

Feral true nature lovers image
Until our paths meet again, we'll be thinking of you fondly.

Thank you,

Ster­ling and Timmy

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