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While I can’t answer this complex, layered, and loaded question, my intuitive mind can replace it with an easier one: “What is Feral?” I’m glad you asked. Here is what we are trying to accomplish with this enterprise. You can tell us whether it has resonated with you by reaching out to us later or, alternatively, never speaking of us again, as if you’ve seen a ghost.


The world is saturated in bullshit of every order at every level. It’s forced many of us to live double lives: a professional/public life where we collectively invent interest, enthusiasm, and commitment in corporate and commercial escapades that are as nourishing to the soul as a bag of concrete across the face, and a private life where we dismiss it all as a ruse, distract ourselves with whatever, joke with our friends about the apocalypse, and plan little escapes to here and there. For Timmy and I, both these lives have felt equally satisfying and dissatisfying for different reasons. But more to the point, their opposition to one another have left us, perhaps like it has left you, never fully immersed in the moment, endlessly reminded by one life of the fraudulence of the other. If you’re like us, the world has become too obviously complex in too many ways to be completely certain of any path we take, and we all suffer for it as we do our best to make our way.

At the metaphysical level, Feral is a recognition of this duality we live with, the intractability of it all, and also the only thing we can be certain of: life is a glorious and absurd tumble through the cosmos. The joke is on us all. We hope our tip of the cap to the masters above will put us in their favor, but if it works anything like life, it will most likely do the opposite. You may already be on the phone to your local police.

In all seriousness, we want Feral to free us, and you, from some of the more constraining elements of these dual lives we lead. When you work with us, you can relax and be yourself to the max. We know how it goes. We are under no illusions. We are in this together. This is the game, dawg! There is a job to do and only half of our being, and maybe less, has any interest in doing it. There is no pretense here. It could be amazing. It could be awful. It could be awful and then be amazing. It could be the opposite. Who cares. Let’s high five and ride.

What we are

Feral is a multi-disciplinary web development studio, and we also handle some creative and strategy work as our clients’ needs dictate. We’re designed to take some of the burden off of other creative and technical teams, which is mostly to say, we like working with other people, helping where we are needed, and maintaining some flexibility ourselves. We’ve seen time and time again, whether it be an agency, a technology company, or an electronics manufacturer, that things come up: work you didn’t expect, projects beyond your capacity, essential internal tools that languish because nobody has time to build them, client stuff, you name it. We’re here to do this kind of thing, and to develop whatever it is you need developed.

What we do that’s unique

We are web developers and one beleaguered designer and business manager (me), so we can develop most anything you can imagine, start to finish. That’s not entirely special though. Our unique abilities lie in both my partner Timmy and I’s ability to comprehend a vision, build and improve upon it, and most importantly, implement it in a way that makes fucking sense. 

Given that we approach problems from two radically different angles (art vs. science), we’re able to quickly construct a blueprint of a project with limited information that is both thoughtful and structured. We are comfortable and experienced in working through complex and oftentimes vague or incomplete requirements. When you work with us you can be assured that we are on the same page and that you and your team's desires will be understood holistically, improved and/or critiqued when needed, and most importantly, implemented in the finished product.

While this may seem like a given, we have seen time and time again, both in our own experience and the experiences of others, that having partners that can get inside your head and make decisions as you would make them without your constant involvement and management is exceedingly rare. We have found that these abilities, rooted in empathy and resourcefulness, are more essential to the success of a project than technical skill, education, or any number of other factors. We bring everything to the table when we work for you.

How we differ from freelancers

The obvious answer is that we are a team, and we have some redundancy in skills and personnel that freelancers don’t have.

The more nuanced answer is that with freelancing comes a mindset. Freelancers are rarely of the disposition to take an entire project into account, and to research, plan, and strategize accordingly. They tend to work in the fairly narrow band of expertise for which they were hired. There simply isn’t the same level of investment in the multitude of inputs that effect the success of the project. We would know too, we were freelancers throughout our 20s.

What you can expect working with us:

Jeez, what can I say? We're a blast! We've included some cursory information on the hows and whys in our process page which I'm sure by now you are intimately familiar with, having taking the time to memorize each line. Is it time to cut the bullshit? How long is it going to take and how much is it going to cost. That's what the world wants to know, right?

Project Time spent
Single landing page 3-7 days
Simple marketing site (5-10 pages) 2-3 weeks
Ecommerce site 1-3 months
Web app God help us

As for cost, that...depends. We are sticklers about preparing a thorough proposal that takes into account enough aspects of your business and the project to actually approach accuracy. You can learn more about why we do this in another post. For a reference, a single landing page, something like this, takes us around 30-40 hours and costs around 6-7K for a week's worth of work. The "landing page" is our simplest unit of measurement and a scope of work for which our time tracking is the most accurate. As a project increases in complexity, there are economies of scale that make some things easier through reuse, but there are non-linear effects that make accurate bidding difficult at a glance, if not impossible. 

Putting it all together

Cost should be just one consideration of many, and while it's an important measuring stick to qualify potential help, we prefer to focus more on value. There is tremendous value in beautiful, useful projects supported by clean, conformant code that can scale with your needs. Sad as it is, this is the exception in tech, not the rule. You may know this all too well. 

We make stuff we can be proud in, and that provides actual value to an organization. We also happen to have deeper questions about the nature of work and life itself, and we've done our best to weave these into the personality of our company in both real and purely metaphorical ways. We hope it resonates with you. 

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