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After the monumental success we experienced in May, Timmy and I needed to take a deep breath and assess the future of the business. Rapid growth is no stranger to either of us—I have two tomato plants that are going absolutely gangbusters right now—yet there are challenges in growth. As we considered how best to position Feral for a coming decade dominated by augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and repressive sugar taxes, we knew we needed to be on the front-lines, fighting alongside our fellow technocrats for control over every aspect of human life. I am pleased to announce that Feral now stands alongside fellow giants like Google and Salesforce in the great city of San Francisco.

While on paper this seems like a sizeable step up from Feral’s former home in Oakland, Ore., pop. 940, I personally consider it a lateral move. When you take into account my deep ties to the area, as well as the bargain basement prices on groceries, moving operations to San Francisco, where a gallon of milk is $45, made for a difficult choice. Timmy, always the voice of reason, reminded me that this decision wasn’t just about groceries. It was bigger than that. This, he said, was about the future of the human race. Somewhere down the line somebody is going to build an app that can finally monetize children under the age of 5 and we have to ask the tough question, will Feral be the ones to build it?

With both our minds focused on what truly matters, Timmy and I set out to find a location for our new office. While the easy choice would have been to simply lease a 10,000 sq. ft. exposed brick loft space in downtown, where is the inspiration in that? Feral is about the future. Exposed brick is a symbol of the past. Like with all of our work, we wanted to take a non-traditional approach. When an office space opened up in a building shared by a handful of psychotherapists and body workers, we knew we had found our spot.

As with many other aspects of modern life, web design and development can require the support of licensed mental health professionals. Knowing I or any of our clients can walk out our door and onto the couch of a therapist, the chair of a grief counselor, or the cushion of a light and sound meditation guide gives me a tremendous amount of confidence and comfort. To any potential clients visiting 2517 Mission St. to work through some of their own personal trauma, may I remind you that we are the last office on the right, before the stairs. Our door is always open.

And with that, we begin our new adventure. The tremendous outpouring of support from the local Bay Area community, combined with the total fracturing of my hometown upon receiving the news I would be leaving, has me confident Feral will continue to make a lasting impact in people’s lives no matter the location. We welcome you to join us on our mission to build the future, one line of code at a time.

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