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Who says we live in a chaotic, absurd, and meaningless dream. Timmy, Thiago, and I have just launched websites for two talented, wonderful companies. Let us take this opportunity to reaffirm our steadfast belief in the benevolent hand of destiny. The world is a divine, purposeful place indeed.

Otis Studios – Music and Sound Post Production in Sydney

The team at Otis Studios came to us back in May looking for a site that better reflected who they were: talented, scrappy musicians who weren’t afraid to try new things and get their hands dirty going in different directions.

Partnering with artist Ben Tallon, Otis commissioned a series of illustrations that captured their spirit in paint, ink, and color. Our task became finding a way to use the web to bring the work to life in a genuine, thoughtful and usable way.

Much of the creative process in music and other forms of visceral art is about making a mess so you can make something beautiful and intentional. Ideas come in and they go out. This process is layered, with the mess on the bottom and the finished product built atop of it. I wanted to do something with all of this.

Using some different animation libraries, we created a site layout where elements would move in and out, with the finished work sitting on more artistic or abstract backgrounds. Using tilt.js on the home page, we separated the layers of one of Ben’s illustrations and created an interesting perspective distortion. The result is a site that feels alive, dynamic, and interesting.

The site itself is a SPA lookalike with no visual page reloads. The page effectively reloads as you scroll and updates the browser accordingly. Everything is managed through Craft CMS, and the website remains easy to update and add to. Despite the highly conceptual approach, we were able to maintain a degree of usability in both desktop and mobile viewports.

Only time will tell if the site will do its job and help Otis attract the creative and experimental clients and projects well-suited to their unique approach to their work. We will post updates here over time about the site’s reception. Visit the site

Vokyl Audio – Makers of the Erupt Gaming Headset

Disclaimer: Vokyl is co-owned by me and my friend and past client Nick Amizich.

Vokyl, the Indiegogo darling and source of much of my anxiety, joy, and existential dread over the last several years is finally making the jump from the IGG platform to an independent e-commerce platform. Vokyl’s Erupt, a high-end gaming headset, hit it big in 2018, raising nearly half a million dollars in presales and completely selling out several times.

Feral developed all of the branding for Vokyl, as well as providing the design direction for the headset itself. As Vokyl begins fulfilling orders from its initial IGG presale, the next step was to create a simple online ecommerce platform to allow customers who missed out on the original presale to purchase the headset.

From a creative perspective, the same values we imbued in the brand we extended to the site. We wanted something clean, cool, and functional. So much of the gaming space is dominated by dark, dramatic layouts, and imagery. We wanted to pull that back and create something more restrained. Our goal is to appeal to a more sophisticated gamer, as well as adventurous non-gamers and general audio enthusiasts.

The site is a fairly simple deployment. The ecommerce portion is handled by Shopify, with the editable content managed through Craft CMS. Because this is an ecommerce setup, we kept the animations restrained, instead focusing on usability and trust.

Much of Vokyl’s growth over the last two years has been bootstrapped with a small budget and lots of time. As the company grows, we look forward to investing and expanding the site into a fully-fledged platform. 

Visit the site

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